NRTL equation and activity coefficients

by Trent Guidry14. March 2010 09:43

The NRTL model was published by Henri Renon and John M. Prausnitz as “Local composition in thermodynamic excess functions for liquid mixtures” in AICHE Journal 14:135-44, 1968.

NRTL equation and NRTL excess Gibbs free energy

NRTL Equation Gibbs Free Energy Mixture

NTRL Tau Mixture

NRTL G Mixture

NRTL Alpha Mixture

Binary parameters: αij, (gji – gii), and (gij – gjj).

NRTL activity coefficients

NRTL Activity Coefficients Mixture

Binary reduced form

NRTL Equation Gibbs Free Energy Binary



NRTL G Binary

NRTL Activity Coefficient Binary 1

NRTL Activity Coefficient Binary 2